Losing your hair is one of the most frustrating and fearful situations that people experience during this time of change. It will take some adjustment but the good news is alternatives do exist.

Most people act quickly to discover an alternative and this is the best approach to maintain a healthy outlook and fight the onset of depression. You’ll have the time and energy to make your choices. Whether to choose to just cover your head with a hat, scarf, turban, or choose a fashionable, quality wig that immolates the former style and color you wore or one you always wanted. Even better, choose several comfortable options to offer you choices later on. The possibilities are not only endless, but very attractive.

Thankfully the fake-looking wigs are a thing of the past. Technology has advanced considerably.

You can look the way you like. You can even enhance your self image. The most popular, affordable and stylish options are our fantastic new synthetic wigs. They come in a multitude of color blends, curl and wave patterns. They are so affordable you can have two or three to switch on and off to fit your mood. These wigs are easy to style, wash, and dry — they need so little care.
One of our Wig Specialists can show you the new comfort caps which breathe and are non-irritating to you scalp. The composition of fiber, size, fit and comfort are the most important factors to consider when picking out a wig. These qualities are closely followed by the style and coloration that is suitable to your face shape and skin tone.

Wearing a wig should be a time of comfort and assurance. Allowing a professional wig specialist who offers a quality product will always trump over a catalog wig that looses its look after only a few weeks. Remember, the sweetness of low cost never equals the bitterness of low quality.

A wig or prosthesis may be a tax deductible expense and is sometimes covered by insurance. Wigs and Things can help provide you more information so be sure to ask when you come in for consult. By all means, feel free to contact your health insurance company to find out more.

Some hospitals, clinics, organizations and wig salons (including Wigs and Things) have donated wigs for free or offer programs to off set the cost for cancer patients.

We hope knowing this information will help you cope better with the expected hair loss during therapy. When in doubt, consult your medical team. And remember a positive attitude is very powerful. Wigs and Things can help provide you more information so be sure to ask when you come in for consult.